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About ToffeeMasters™

The ToffeeMasters™ story, like so many other American small company stories, originates from a family tradition, plenty of encouragement, and a dream. For the last twenty-five years, we lovingly devoted hours to making home-made toffee around the holidays for gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Over the years, the positive feedback fueled our dream to bring toffee to many more people throughout the year. Our friends cravings for our product - a crunchy toffee center covered in milk chocolate and nuts - came more frequently than our annual gifts to them. They often commented it was delicious and unlike any candy they had ever tasted.

What we fondly called Grandma Jean’s Christmas toffee for many years morphed into Marcello’s toffee over the last decade. Finally, after many years of encouragement by friends to start a company to bring Grandma Jean’s family recipe to America, we founded ToffeeMasters™ in 2004.

Our mission is simple. We want to offer the public the finest gourmet toffee in the world at a competitive price. But that’s not all we want to accomplish. While we believe our candy in and of itself will bring a smile to your face, we also want our company to give something more back to the community. That’s why we are pleased to announce that half of all of the profits from ToffeeMasters™ will be donated to charitable causes.

We hope you enjoy our product.

Jody Little
co-Founder, ToffeeMasters™

If you are interested in reselling our toffee in your store or including it in your gift baskets,
contact us to discuss wholesale pricing.

email: info@toffeemasters.com

Or Call: 1-888-FOR-TOFY (1-888-367-8639)

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